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Vastu Consultant and Expert in Delhi NCR

Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR

Vastu is a pure science of structures and it discusses the energy field that develops because of the shape of the structure and the way the doors and windows are placed. It is a characteristic of the structure. Whoever resides in the structure are the recipients of the effects.

Vastu depends on different energies from the elements of nature such as the sun, cosmos, thermal power, magnetic field of the earth, lunar positioning, light and the wind, which carry tremendous energies. These energies can be adjusted towards leading a prosperous and peaceful life, and it also brings luck to favor you.


See to believe with the top Vastu consultant in Delhi, India. Sachin Lohiya is one of the famous Vastu Consultants in Delhi, India. He is providing Vastu consultancy services with the admirable solutions for all types of your Family, Health, Business & Financial problems.

The best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon offers a scientific Vastu report to the clients in a bid to bring the scientific side of Vastu to people. The team comprises of a medical practitioner who gauges the clients’ physical as well as mental well-being, an architect/interior designer who conducts a thorough technical analysis of the business design and also interiors, and a scientific Vastu expert who assesses the property and the exteriors per the Vastu norms.

As an expert Vastu Consultant, we are providing accurate and professional Vastu consultancy to your Houses/Offices, Industries & Residential as well as commercial premises. Visit our website to reach us Vedicastroyug.com

Vastu Brings Harmony between Man and Nature

For several years now, it has proved its importance in bringing peace and prosperity to a property residential or commercial. This age-old science is considered to be an offshoot of architectural science by many because of its emphasis on directions, longitude, latitude, location, climatology, and more when building something. A healthy home is one that can balance the negative vibes with positive ones and gets rid of all negative forces from entering the house.

Vastu for your place whether home or office

Vastu translates to ‘the science of architecture’, which means it deals with all the aspects of the geographic conditions that your houses and offices being built in. The calculations and study of Vastu can help you put the foundation of the architectural structure in the right direction with the right amount of energy entering in. A Vastu reading will help you make the right choices if you are purchasing a home and will fill your homes and offices with positivity and success.

Be happy always with the best Vastu for Home Vedic Astro Yug without any troubles and disturbance in your lovely home. Consult the best Vastu consultant for Home to the peaceful life of the family.

Vastu for constructed Structures

Vastu is very useful Balancing your home, factory, industries, and office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies using specific re-lignment tools and technology.

Correcting Vastu defects of existing Vastu as per Vastu and without structural demolition.

If any on-going project of your home, if causing delay or creating complications can be evaluated from the perspective of Vastu and with remedial measures, the situation can be improved with our Vastu consultant for Home. Feel free to contact us Vastu for Home and get the immediate solution from the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon.

Vastu to increase financial position and peaceful work environment with your best office Vastu Vedic Astro Yug

Are you looking for the best Vastu consultant for the office to get rid of all queries of yours? Sachin Lohiya gives you the best solutions Vastu for office.

Vastu for Office is an important aspect that decides a great deal in the way the business is faring and the number of profits earned from them. It is of most importance to anyone's business venture as it helps boost the business in the best possible manner in the shortest time. Vast consultant offers appropriate solutions and suggestions for enhancing your business opportunities and opening up new venues.

It helps create a healthy environment and fosters positive growth and development. It deals with all the aspects of your office right from selecting the plot of land to the construction of the building to the placement and arrangement of the furniture. You should also keep in mind the direction you are facing while sitting in your cabin.

Vastu assessment of office is essential for growth and helpful various things given below-

•   A well-designed office as per Vastu Shastra helps you to

•   Get maximum Productivity from Staff

•   Get Payments on time

•   Have an overflow of new customers

•   Have satisfied and happy customers

•   Expand & Diversify into new business areas

•   Work at the optimum level

•   Feel energetic and vibrant all the time

•   Have less absenteeism of staff

•   Increase your fame and name

•   Maintain good health even after long hours of working


If you are renovating your office we can advise on the following

•   Placement of Owners Cabin, Table, Chair

•   Staff seating arrangement as per work assigned

•   Colors to be selected

•   Furniture Layout

•   Protection from fire

•   Protection from Toilet energy

•   Main Door entrance position

•   Safe and Cash Counters

So, if you are looking for any astral reading and help before you make any choices, we are here to guide you. Call us and Book an Appointment with us, at Vedicastroyug.com and we shall help you with the best of our services.


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