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Palmistry discloses the individuality of a person and the temperament of the behaviour & qualities as well throughout the swot of outline, volume & appearance of the hand and fingers of a person.

Basically, there are two break-ups contained by the prehistoric science. Chiromancy dispense with the outline on the palm and chiromancy deals with the silhouette of hands and also the colour, shape & texture of palm, fingers & thumbs.

This line is supposed to symbolize the person's liveliness and dynamism, worldly strength and broad well being. The life line is moreover assumed to be a sign of chief life changes, together with dreadful actions, bodily injuries, and relocations. Opposing to well-liked conviction, contemporary palmist commonly do not deem that the span of a person's life line is attached to the extent of a person's life.

Jyotish Acharya Dr.Sachin Lohia is a world famous Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist well known across India and abroad. He examines the palm lines, makes predictions about various life areas automatically and provides appropriate solutions accordingly. He visited several foreign countries and does workshops to share his knowledge with the people.

Principal lines in the palmistry

Heart line, head line, life line, sun line, fate line, health line, marriage line are considered main lines in the palm. Palmistry can tell regarding relation of heart diseases with the acute study of heart line on your hand by palmist.

Head line: It starts more or less from the line of life at its initial point and then moves on the way to the heart line immediately below the second finger and then traverses across the palm mounting the space between them until it terminates. Straight and stiff head lines are suggestive of practical nature of person in the experienced matter.

Heart line: It germinates from the go up of Jupiter and runs across the palm immediately above the line of the head and terminates at the percussion. If the position of heart line is close to the base fingers then it is suggestive of desirous and obsessive nature of person.

Life line: It starts from the mount of venus at the base of the thumb. Shorter the line, shorter is the life and vice-versa is also true. If the line is not uniform then it is ancestor of indecisive nature and irregular state of health.

Fate Line: It germinates from the wrist of the hand and runs conflicting to the life line. Nonexistence of lifeline signifies rebellious and unjestful without incident life. If the heart line is straight and good growing then it means good destiny comes at old age.

Health Line: It starts its journey from the small finger and travels across the palm on the way to the bottom of the thumb. One of the fascinating aspects of health line is that there is no fixed beginning point of this line.

Sun Line: Apollo line or sun line is also recognized as supporter of fortune line or sister line of destiny line. It originates from the Rascette, travels upwards connecting the mounts of the Venus and moon and terminates at the sun mount.

Marriage line: It cuts the thumping horizontally on the side of the hand between the heart line and the bottom of the fourth finger. It indicates about life of person.



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