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Nadi Astrology’s unbelievable fact is that it uses to make records of your complete life cycle, present, past & future.  Nadi Astrology also known as ‘NaḍiJyotiṣa’ is Hindu astrology science practiced in south India, mainly Tamil Nadu, Kerala based on the faith that the present, past, and future of all creatures was already forecast done by Hindu perceptive before human beings came into existence.

Nadi is a very old astrology, composed by immense Maharishis or Sages using their divine powers. This Maharishi’s used to record predictions for all to preserve dharma and develop mankind and forecasted the characteristics, family histories, and careers of all.

Nadi Astrology’s basic concept is "Nadi" as there are 150 Nadi’s in a Rashi or Zodiac. 12 signs of zodiac are set into 3 categories, Movable or Chara, Fixed or Sthira, and Dual signs. There are 1,800 Nadi’s in 360 degrees.

The Rishi’s or Maharishi’s, who stated Nadi’s, were able to foresight that they precisely predicted the entire future of all humanity. Initially, Nadi Astrology forecast was considered on Astrology, but very soon it was realized that the scripts contained some exceptional calculations of precise natives, who will be seeking them at a meticulous juncture of their life span, as prefigured by the Great Maharishi’s or Sages earlier.


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