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Muhurat Report by Expert Astrologer

Muhurat Report

Muhurat or Muhuratam is one of the most important factors that is considered in Indian families, to start any new work or event. This is still being followed from the ancient days. Muhurat is a specific time on a good day to start the new work or enter into the new house or for marriages or any events. In these digitalized days, Muhurat is being set in online with the help of online muhurat prediction, which is calculated with the help of muhurat calculator that is found on the website. It helps greatly by setting appropriate time for any good event you are wishing to start.

Marriage Muhurat by date of birth

Marriage is one of the most important and crucial steps in one’s life, so it cannot be done on any day. The sacred knot will be tied on one of the auspicious days only, which will be set by the pundits. They will take the date of birth of the bride as well as groom, calculated according to the astrological units or numerology. Then they set the particular time as subh muhurat for the marriages. Marriage muhurat by date of birth can be best calculated according to the numerology, which gives the best and exceptional results by making it a successful marriage. Marriage muhurat is calculated based upon the specific format, where it requires the birth dates of both the youngsters. Then first it takes the date of birth of one, sums up to get the total number and names it as life path number. Then does the same process even with the second one, it is necessary that both of date births should be reduced to get a single number. Once you get both the single numbers then again sum up to get another last single number. Then this number is called marriage number, that will help in choosing the auspicious time and date for the marriage.

The marriage muhurat is one of the most important things in a successful marriage, so care should be taken to visit the experienced numerologist for setting the correct muhurat. Sachin Lohiya is one of the best palmists who will be predicting the best dates for any events, especially for the marriages. So, take your time to visit the website vedicastroyog.com, in order to contact him from anywhere.

Subh Muhurat for baby birth

In present days, most of the times we are seeing only C-section for giving birth to the baby. In India, this has become more common, and as for every good work, Indians see subh muhurat, even for the baby birth they started seeing auspicious time. It is with the strong belief in the Indian traditional families that this subh muhurat will bring in all the success and good fortune for the child in his future. Subh muhurat for baby birth is calculated according to the planetary positions, where the astrologers will checking out all the 12 ascendants along with the planetary combinations. Though most of the times, there will be a good time, however, all days are not good. So, sometimes it happens as there will not be good time a day to select, which will be quite tuff for the cesarian deliveries, willingly or unwillingly they need to give birth. Whenever there is a chance to select a good day from a number of good days available, astrologers suggest with the best date.

Subh muhurat gives a good future, and this time of birth of the baby will be helpful in detecting, their entire life astrology. It means this time will be revealing karmic blueprint, destiny, education, job, marriage, and career. However, the subh muhurat decided by the numerologist or astrologers is only according to the planetary positions, but their good fortune will always rely on their past karma and poorva janma. So, this is only a date that gives hope for the good and successful future of the baby.

Gruhapravesam Muhuratam base on Nakshatra

Gruhapravesam or house warming is one of the other most important occasion in the Indian families for which they choose Subh Muhurat. They build the house with lots of difficulties and situations, when their dream home is built they wish to live in it happily for the lifetime, along with their entire family. So, they decide an auspicious time and date enter into this house, by performing pooja. In order to select a perfect auspicious time and day for house warming ceremony astrologers will be choosing the Nakshatra to follow it. Out of the 24 Nakshatras, all of them are not good for a house warming ceremony, only a few them will be the best one. Here is the list of nakshtras that are good for gruhapravesam Mrgasiras, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Svati, Shatataraka, Hastha, Pusya, Dhanishta, Utthara, Uttarashada, Uttara Bhadrapad, and Rohini. Hence, gruhapravesam muhurtam based on Nakshatra can be decided by choosing one from the above.

Online muhurat prediction is one of the most important ways to find subh muhurat for the most important steps of life that our marriage, baby birth and gruhapravesam. So, check the best palmist like Sachin Lohiya who will help in deciding the best time for the most important occasions of life.


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