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Marriage Astrologer in Delhi NCR

Marriage Astrologer in Delhi NCR


Astrology is an amazing combination of science, arts, and mathematics. Many people have changed their lives with the amazing power of astrology. One can analyze his planets according to birth horoscope and strengthen your planets to get a positive result in life and for this; you must have to contact a famous astrologer.

We at Vedic Astro Yug help you to analyze your horoscope either for marriage or carrier-related issues so that you can have a positive result. Marriage is the greatest happiness in one's life if it becomes successful. Many astrologers in Delhi can help you to predict your marriage horoscope but as we all know the experience matters more than anything so, at Vedicastroyug.com we have a famous and experienced astrologer Sachin Lohiya with us. He is working in Delhi for the last many years and promises to give you good results.

Marriage Horoscope Prediction

For a successful marriage, an astrologer calculates the plants and the first and seventh houses of boys and girls. Horoscope contains all the general information about the specific events in married life like discord/harmony after marriage, the birth of children or many other analogous activities so that you can enjoy your married life with your spouse Our astrologer analyze the birth chart and also looks at its plants and starts and discover the secret of successful marriage.

Compatible/Matching medication for Marriage

Marriage is a very important part of anyone's life as the benefits of marriage are innumerable. One has to spend more than half of his life after marriage so the right selection of husband and wife is very essential to be happy afterward. Astrology gives us a great way to determine the compatibility and relationship status between the couple. In the ancient times, it is the kundli that decide whether to go ahead with that marriage proposal or not. In India, people are ardent believers on horoscope matching.

One of the best methods to evaluate the relationship status is Ashtkoota Guna Milan. In these methods, 8 points are matched which is popularly known as 8 koots. The total of these 8 koots is 36 which show the strength of the relationship. Horoscope matching will show you dosha. Dosha is mainly the imbalance in the relationship which brings problems and troubles in married life. We can never ignore this dosha. Some important dosha are Grahmaitri dosha, Gana Dosha, Nadi dosha and Bhakoot dosha. The presence of any of these dosha shows the area of problems in horoscope matching. In some cases, if this dosha is likely to affect health, financial status longevity or children's happiness then the marriage may not be recommended.

We can’t ignore the value of marriage astrologer because sometime the air or wind is like the cosmic energy that could be like a stroke for your relationship. An experienced astrologer can help you to learn all the possible pros and cons of decision making regarding marriage. We have Dr. Sachin Lohiya with us who helps you to take the correct decision regarding marriage in your life. Vedic Astro Yug also provides you to check your marriage compatibility just by entering the correct birth details.

Love or Arrange Marriage

Love marriage is very common these days and everyone wants to know about their marriage whether is it love or arrange. Astrology gives us a way to predict is there any possibility of having a love marriage or not. According to Vedic Astro yug, in kundli, some combinations predict your marriage.

The condition of the 7th house of Kundli and the position of the 7th house lord will give you a prediction about the type of marriage. If the 7th house is influenced by planets like Venus, Mars or moon one could get the life partner of his own choice. If the 7th house us not influenced by any of these plants then checks the lord of 7th house. If the lord is placed in 1st,5th and 12th house than you may marry someone who is known to you before marriage.

The influence of the moon also plays a lead role if you want to marry someone whom you love or adore so check if the moon is in the 5th 7th or 12th house then there are very good chances of love marriage.

According to astrologer Sachin Lohiya, always pay attention to the lord of the 5th house because if the 5th house or lord of 5th house is affected then you may not be able to marry a person of your own choice.

When I will get married

As we all know in astrology there are 12 zodiac sign and 9 planets and each plant speak about a different part of human life from birth to death. Venus is the Karak of marriage and the 7th house of horoscope gives information about the marriage age of the person.

According to Astrologer Sachin Lohiya marriage happens at an early age like between 16 to 23 years if more than one benefic planet effect the 7th house of kundli. Mostly early marriage occurs due to planets like the moon, Venus, Jupiter, and mercury.

According to him, plants like Mars, sun, Saturn, and Rahu affects the 7th house then the marriage age is delayed between 30 to 40 years. If there is more than one powerful planet in7th house means that one can have more than on marriage.

Manglik dosha solution

Manglik dosha is a very important and most common influential aspect of married life. A person is said to be Manglik when planet Mars is present in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of Janam Kundli. Mars is considered to be a malefic planet towards married life as mangling a person can be very harmful to his or her life partner. This kind of person can cause damage to normal marriage even up to separation or divorce. In many cases, Manglik dosha even brings death to the spouse. Only a well-known astrologer can determine the degree or level of mangling dosh in kundli. Our astrologer Dr. Sachin Lohiya provides you with the best cure and remedies according to your kundli to nullify the manual dosh from kundli.

Chances of divorce in marriage life

 Nowadays divorce is a very common amount of young couples. According to Dr. Sachin Lohiya Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars are responsible for separation or divorce. 8th and 12th house of kundli play a very crucial role in separation especially the lord of 8th house. If the lord of 7th house is in the 6th house then it will result in separation or divorce. When Saturn & Rahu or any one of them an in ascendant, and if connected with any bad house then the separation between the couple is a must.

Best tips for a married couple

Marriage is a union of two souls and the most important element of married life is happiness. There are some remedies in astrology which keeps our married life happy forever.

•   Keep a tulsi plant in the home to make the bond strong.

•   The female member should offer haldi, kumkum with water to Tulsi plant every day.

•   Light a red bulb in the south-east corner of the house.

•   Chant 108 Gayathri Mantra every day or Vishnu Sahasranamam once in a week. 


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