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Manglik Dosha Services and Solutions in Delhi NCR

Manglik Dosha

When Mars is situated in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th House, the kundali tends to develop a 'Mangal Dosha'. The person is called a 'Manglik'. The presence of mangal dosha is one of the biggest fear and misconception in society. It may cause problems in marital life, so it's important to match horoscopes before marriage. manglik non manglik marriage solutions are easy to perform are given below.


When  Mars is in the 1st House, it will aspect 4th, 7th, and 8th Houses. 1st House signifies the character of the person. So, a person may be very aggressive and short tempered. 4th House indicates problems linked with house, vehicle, accident due to fire, chemicals, electricity etc. 7th House shows a possibility of obstacles in marital life with a spouse, partnership etc. 8th House shows a possibility of a fatal accident. After matching the kundl of girl and boy, steps should be taken and manglik dosh has a few remedies which can be applied.


When Mars is placed in the 8th House, it hampers after all the 11th, 2nd and 3rd House. The person is prone to the fatal accident due to fire, electricity, chemicals etc. 3rd House may create tensions among siblings. Sometimes a person hurt others and becomes very rude and arrogant.

Manglik Dose in 8th house is most dangerous because it shows that after marriage there will be the death of opposite party i. e. if mangalik dose is in girl's horoscope from 8th house , dangers to the boy. In other  Manglik dosh both will suffer, fight with each other, some time fights can take the shape of divorce. manglik dosh solution for marriage is done by Sachin Lohiya. it is said that mangalik dosh has been overhyped by everyone surrounding us. It is treatable and there are useful remedies available in astrology science that makes to overshadow the miserable effects of mangal dosha. Let’s take a look at the various Manglik dosh solution:

Solutions for ill-effects of Mangal dosha

 There are remedies which are assisted in the cancelation of the negativity of Mangal so one hasn't to stress over the evil impacts of dosha in any case. There are ceremonies and mantras to mitigate their bad effects:

Marriage between two Manglik people

When both the partners are Mangliks then this dosha gets invalidated. All its evil impacts are scratched off and the two can have a best and prosperous married life.mangal dosha remedies are such which can be avoided by fasting on Tuesdays.

Red Coral Gemstone:

To avoid the Manglik dosh one can take the help of the red coral gemstone. The red color brilliant coral stone astrologically is associated with the planet Mars. It is believed that this stone preserves the positive powers which the planet Mars have. When it emits positive powers, there is strong security of marriage between two people. check Manglik consideration when matching horoscopes for a better life.

mangal dosha checks free for the healthy marriage life in future


By wearing the stone, negative dosh of mangal will be no more. To avoid the magal dosh, one is advised to wear certified gemstone in the third finger of right hand on the morning of every Tuesday.


Out of the moderate number of cures fasting on Tuesdays is viewed as a successful cure. Manglik people who observe fast on this day should eat just toor daal.


Manglik people should chant the navgraha mantra to void the negative effects of mangal dosha. It is conceived that reciting navgraha mantra pacifies the wrongly positioned mangal in one’s horoscope and lead him/her to live a content life thereafter.

Performing Pujas in Temples

Visiting Navgraha temples diminish the evil impacts created by Mangal Dosha. So, there are  a couple of temples in the entire of India that are there to devote to Lord Mangal. The well-known temples are situated in Tamil Nadu and some are situated in Guwahati, Assam.

Doing Pujas on Tuesday is very helpful to decrease the bad impact of Mangal Dosha. Visit the Lord Hanuman sanctuary every Tuesday. Offer prasad and desserts. Light a ghee light at the sanctuary.

The Position of Mars in the horoscope

Astrologers tell that if the main house is of Aries in someone’s horoscope chart, and Mars or Mangal dwells in this house, then the Mangal Dosha is no more useful, as Mars is in its own particular house-Aries. And the dosh is nullified.

Kumbh Vivah

 As indicated by Hindu Vedic Astrology a Manglik individual is told to wed a Banana tree, Peepal tree or icon of Lord Vishnu.

Commitments and offerings and commitments on Tuesdays are considered as a solution for Manglik people.

So, this is all about mangal dosha and the Manglik has to wed a banana tree. This way mangal dosh is removed in all sense.


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