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Kalsarpa Dosh Solutions and Services in Delhi NCR

Kalsarpa Dosh

Kaal or Kala means death and Sarpa means snake, thus Kala Sarpa means death due to snake. Natives who have Kaal Sarpa Yoga or Kala Sarpa Dosha in their horoscopes suffers many problems in their life and need to fix this state by doing pooja. This is the most feared problematic state in Vedic Indian astrology.

Kal sarpa dosha is a state in the horoscope; this state comes when all the nine planets fall between the Rahu and the Ketu. Even if one planet lies outside then there will be no kal sarpa dosha. In Simple words, when all the nine planets are on one side of Rahu or Ketu axis, Kal Sarp Dosha state is formed. The traditional astrologers have an opinion that this dosha can be very dangerous and should be removed by the effect of all the good yogas. Mathematically, Rahu and Ketu form the points on the northern side and south side of the earth and if the Sun and Moon are placed there, they will come in one straight line. Hence, the eclipse will be created. If the sun gets covered, it is called a solar eclipse. And if the Moon gets covered, it is called a lunar eclipse. Rahu and Ketu are the types of entities that have the power that swallows other planets. By swallow I mean the power to drain energy, anything that comes in contact with it loses its energy and diminishes in effect. Like if the Sun comes there, Sun may lose its light (it is a perception, not in actual). In the same way, if the Moon comes there, it too goes dark. Similarly, all planets that may come in contact with Rahu and Ketu are diminished. When there is a case that all the nine planets are between Rahu and Ketu, each and every aspect of life; each of nine planets and every house is hemmed between these two eclipse points. This state said to be a Kaal Sarpa or a vicious snake who feeds on everything. It is a trap for all the planets where their energies are diminished by the cage put in by Rahu and Ketu.

There is a belief that one suffers from Kal Sarpa Dosha as a result of killing cobra in the previous life. If one has this dosha in his horoscope then he should stay away from snakes as there is a high possibility of being attacked by a snake. During this Dosha, one may also dream of snakes at times.

Kaal Sarp dosh puja is highly beneficial that can help you to alleviate the consequences of Kaal Sarp dosh. The most preferable time to do this puja is the day of Amavasya that falls on Wednesday. Kaal Sarp Yog puja can bring a great degree of solace and relief. The procedure for the Kaal Sarp dosh pooja is as follows:-.

Get three snakes made one each in copper, lead and silver. Everyone should new clothes for puja. Decorate the puja altar with some flowers, paste of turmeric and paste of sandal. Place three metal snakes on single thali. Make cone-shaped Ganeshji image in the turmeric paste and place this paste on betel leaf in front of the three snake images and start the puja with prayers to Lord Ganesh by chanting Om Namashivaya. Also give a holy bath to the snake images in water, milk, honey. After doing this, decorate these images with turmeric paste and offer flowers. You also need to chant Vishnu Sahasranam and Navanag stotram. Light diyas (lamps) in front of the snake images. Offer fruits, Prasad to the images. You must prepare this prasad particularly for the puja and pray for your welfare. After doing puja, distribute the Prasad and donate the clothes that were worn during the puja to needy people. Offer Namaskar and conclude the puja by taking the copper and lead snakes in the running stream of Holy River and gift the silver snake in Shiva temple that is close to you.

If one has Kaal Sarp Yog in their horoscope, then they may show the following symptoms like seeing images of dead people in their dreams. In their dreams, they see their dead ancestors. They usually dream of water bodies and sometimes their own houses. In their dreams, they feel as if someone is trying to kill them, feel like choking. As per Astrology, it is being said that the person under the influence of this Dosha is usually generous and more devoted to their family and society. Under the influence of this Dosha, one has a great fear of snakes and is scared of snake bites. In fact, they usually dream about themselves being attacked and then killed by snakes. Under this Dosha one also suffer from the fear of height and also fear lonely places.

Kal Sarpa Dosh remedies are as follows:

  • Eat a meal in your kitchen.
  • After sunset, you need to burn white sandal powder in a copper plate made of copper.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Offer coconuts in the nearby sea.
  • Bring a cobra image made of silver and worship on  Naagpanchami.
  • Worship peepal tree on every Saturday by offering water.
  • Plant a Tulsi near your house as it may reduce the effects of this Dosha.
  • Read/ chant Sarpa Sukta.
  • Go to Kal Hasti Shiva temple near Tirupati as well.
  • Chanting the ‘Om Namah Shivaya' daily can be very useful.
  • Wear a ring that has a snake enshrined.
  • Put peacock wings in your home, a peacock wing reduces the effect of this Dosha.
  • Donate fresh Radish to hungry and poor people. Also, offer pieces of coal in a flowing river.
  • Put coconut, lentil in flowing water.

Visiting Shiva temple and offering abhishekam with milk also helps in removing this Dosha. Offer fruits, raw milk and various flowers at Shiva temple. Doing puja in the Shiva temple and donating clothes people at the temple also proves helpful. Performing Shiva puja on Mahashivratri, on Shravan Somvar and Sawan Shivratri is really fruitful.

One can find kalsarpa dosh in his or her kundali using Kaal Sarp calculator. One needs to enter his birth details that are the date of birth, place of birth and the time of birth. Kalsarpa Dosh calculator based on your date of birth and other information finds the direction of all your planets on the horoscope. The Kaal Sarp dosh puja cost is around Rs-2000. The Kaal Sarp Dosh puja cost in Delhi, NCR varies from astrologer to astrologer and location to location with many other factors like service on call, mail or face to face visit etc.


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