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Horoscope Matching Report by Expert Astrologer

Horoscope Matching Report

Horoscope matching is one the traditional and useful aspect of astrology that is not any new concept in the market; it is used for many years before tying the knots for the lifetime. Kundli matching is a gift for couples married life because everyone wants a good spouse with whom he /she can have beautiful memories with them and feel happy for a lifetime. Married life plays a very vital role in one's life and the actual happiness of the person lies over in this part of life.

On VedicAstroyug.com, we have Dr. Sachin Lohiya with us who are a famous Astrologer, numerologist, and palmist. He will give the complete details about the horoscope matching for a perfect married life. Here you just have to fill the basic details of both girl and boy to match their reports and with the remedies of our Jyotish Acharya you can nullify the bad effects of kundli after marriage.

Horoscope compatibility

In Astrology, Kundli matching is very eminent which affects the scared bond between two different persons. There are many different names used for this compatibility test like Guna Milan Lagana Melapak, Kundli Milan etc. These all are based on the position of Moon in the charts of bride and groom.

 Dr. Sachin Lohiya believed that the minimum compatibility score points between a boy and girl for perfect marriage should be at least 18 out of 36. There are three main factors which are considered during Milan of kundli at the time of marriage Gun Milan, Manglik Dosha, Navamsa chart. Horoscope matching by Vedic Astrology yug is based on Nakshatras which is also known as Ashtakoota Milan.

If you believe in astrology/numerology then you will notice that it is only due to horoscope matching that the divorce rate has been minimal and increases especially in case of love marriages. We always recommend horoscope matching before marriage even if anyone is going for love marriage.

Apart from that Kundli is analyzed for basically these aspects like longevity, psychology compatibility, health, separate tendencies, financial stability and different Yogas. Kundli Milan is very challenging it includes detail analysis of nine planets and the moon which is main for gun Milan.

Horoscope Matching Report

In horoscope matching report we provide you with a detailed analysis of compatibility between a boy and a girl. We prepare this report manually with much deeper calculations than Gun-Milan.

We at Vedic Astrology Yug feels very proud to have a famous Astrologist /numerologists who not only match guns and Manglik Dosh but prepare a detailed analysis of horoscope matching report by comparing the important aspects of both the partners. This report really helps you in the most crucial time of your life and will definitely affect your career, future growth, health, childbirth financial stability, etc.

The six major aspects of gun Milan is as follows

Longevity: In this report our expert checks if there is large longevity between boy and girl. If present then it is not worth to go ahead with the relation.

Mental compatibility: This report separately analyzes the behaviors, temper, and willingness to promote their life by analyzing mental likeness between the couple.

Health: This report analyzes the major health problems or accidents which could bring distress between them.

Childbirth: The horoscope is analyzed to confirm the possibility of at least one child in both horoscopes.

Separation tendencies: This report analyses whether the boy and girl with any separation tendencies or not because later it result in divorce.

Financial stability:  This report analyses the financial growth of the boy and girl separately.

Horoscope matching for marriage

Our experts analyze both the charts, not just one moon chart which is seen in Gun Milan. These are the main points which the report includes: 

Gun Table

Number of Gun Milan

Six major points Matching

Analysis of horoscope matching

Effects of plant Mars in both horoscope

All the possible recommendations of astrology

Online horoscope matching for marriage

The search for a perfect life partner is not complete without matching kundli of a boy and girl. This is important to ensure the compatibility of the bride and groom. We also provide you with the facility to match horoscope online. Our online horoscope matching technique is based on Ashtakoota Milan method in which various different personality aspects of the couple are compared and then the final report is prepared.

Horoscope matching for marriage Delhi

Horoscope matching before marriage is the best way to secure your married life. In Delhi, there are lots of astrologers and palmist but we suggest you get advice from an experienced astrologer so that you may clear you all doubts and can get the best advice. Dr. Sachin Lohia is one of the best palmist and astrologer in Delhi NCR. He is famous for his amazing services.  All our online horoscope and Kundli matching reports are detailed analyzed by him so that you can get a correct and effective report. You can get his services at a very affordable price by using all the latest technologies. You can also get Dr. Saxhin Lohia appointment online or offline according to your convenience. So if you are searching for any astrology query then it is recommended to you to visit Dr. Sachin Lohia or consult him online.


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