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Havan & Pooja

Havan Pooja

Vastu Jyotish performs Puja and Vedic ceremonies like "Havan" or "Homa" together with "jaap" for community everywhere throughout the world who are sacred condemn and need to perform distinctive Pujas and Homas for good welfare and prosperous. Havan is a holy fire function in which different types of the Divine Gods and Goddess are summoned in a holy fire that has been encouraged by the rules in the Vedic sacred writings. It is a part of the custom of a Havan to call up the Divine by paying offerings to Agni, God of Fire.

Certain exceptional offerings are made into the fire while Sanskrit Mantras are murmured. The blend of the strong vitality of the fire and the Sanskrit mantras makes amazingly promising and decontaminating vibrations that are useful to all who go to the Homa. The smoke that ascents from a Homa contains an effective mending vitality, and as it ascends to the sky it purges the climate, both physically and unobtrusively, re-assuring a peaceful province and kind conditions. Each sort of negative karma can be cleaned by the holy Homa fire, because of Godly elegance.

‘Homa’ is performed in a 'Havan kund' in which a Vedi is made with square blocks. The Homa smokestack must to be garlanded with brilliant flower heads, leaves, grains & beans.

Wood to be utilized as fuel for Homa should burn effectively without making much smoke. In India the wood from a mango tree is mostly consumed. The Homa wood must to be totally dry and fit to suit the ‘Havan Kund’ size.

Hence, doing the holy Homa in your home can both decrease person’s negative karma and improve his definite karma, which makes life more helpful for insightful practice and which at last prompts to the most notable autonomy.


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