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Gun Kundli Milan/Matching by Date of Birth & Name

Gun Kundli Milan

We have heard in love and marriages if there is 36 out of 36 gun matched? Then, what is its meaning? Let us know better. Its also called crystal gazing. According to world time and strengths of positions of moons and stars decide the lagana kundli. We can avoid potential risk and consider the probabilities, but one can change anything by doing their own Karmas. Marriage never relies on kundi and gunas, it depends upon affection and love between two people. Kundali matching is very common these days. kundali matching by date of birth decides whether there will be successful marriage or not. But it is not only dependent on Kundali.

We should consider or regard kundali probabilities as notification or insurances though it is stupidity to have confidence in kundalis. Have confided and trust in yourself, and you can change your luck. There are frauds too in the market and which calls us to think twice before matching kundli. Strengths of individuals will influence each other after marriage. Powers can be ascertained after utilizing planetary circumstances. Online kundali matching is done these days to easily see the stars between the happy couple. kundli matching for marriage is done whether there are some problems if there then answers are suggested.

2nd house rules family life. Therefore, the placement of 2nd lord its aspect, planetary strength, and conjunction will decide whether the couple will lead a happy family life. kundli Milan for marriage is done by Sachin Lohiya. His Website name- VedicAstroyug.com

1.    7th lord rules marriage and spouse, 7th lord well placed indicates caring spouse

2.    8th house indicates longevity of spouse, well placed 8th house indicates couple will lead a happy life for long years

3.    5th house rules children, well placed 5th house in both horoscopes indicates blessing of children

4.    Dosha - Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Sun occupying 7th, 8th, 2nd, 4th, and 12 house indicates dosha. It should be properly matched

5.    Beeja & KShestra indicates the ability for conception, this bhava without any affliction will indicate the timing of conception of the child for the couples

6.    Dasha bukti of both couples. Good dasha bukti  indicate happy life when horoscopes are matched.

7.12 house indicates separation, any relation between 7th, 2nd and 12 lord indicates couple will separate after marriage.

So are many factors like financials, individual jobs, family background, longevity, health issues etc are not covered in Gun Milan. That depends on the Yoga’s exists in individual Kundali. Thus, in-spite of Gun Milan we should get thoroughly analyze individual horoscope by any knowledgeable astrologer to ensure other remaining factors. And this is a big issue as marriage is once in a lifetime.

Gun Milan is so important for the Hindu way of marriage fixing. Because the kundali is only can reveal the person’s character, status, mindset, attitude to find out about the various character traits. Gun Milan makes the complete study of all these things in the horoscopes of the bride and groom. Also, in Vedic Astrology, the process of horoscope matching or gun Milan includes the parameters of individual horoscope matching and Manglik dosh check and dasha sandhicheck. There becomes an overall score which gets generated by checking these parameters which will decide whether an alliance to be compatible.

As this is going advancement is technology, at the click of buttons, all this can be done. There are problems in marriages later like divorce, which can be avoided by careful examination of horoscopes and kundlis. Kundli is matched by elders in the house. These days on skype, it can be matched. If you are looking for the best palmist in town or horoscope reader, then you can read their articles and watch videos on youtube, this way you will get to know various things and marriage will be a successful one. Dosha can be removed with the solutions. All this is the science of stars and moon, but 100% belief is not possible as it can be changed by karmas. And services of Sachin Lohiya can be taken to match kundalis of couples.

 As marriage is a big event of life, it comes once in a lifetime and the spouse and the bride support each other in every decision, so this is way important that all the planning and decisions should be taken beforehand and with the reasonable cost of kundali and online research can be done as well. All the character traits and knitty-gritties are studied and then it's called like marriages are made in heaven.


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