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Court Case

Court Case

Court Cases

Some of the time the planetary impacts in Kundali of a man are strong to the point that anyone, unwillingly or not, the legal issues or legalized cases. The 3rd house, 8th and 9th house, 2nd house are the positions for the lawful issues are capable. The individual goes to court and documents the claim is called as ‘Yaayi’ and the individual against whom the procedures occur is called ‘Sthayi’. In the event that the position of the planets are records 9th chamber, 2nd chamber then ‘Yaayi’ his case on the off chance that. Also, if the position of the planet from 3rd to 8th house is the house, then ‘Sthayi’ a legitimate notice gets a body of evidence record against him or her. Just Vedic astrology, can give astrological solutions as per Lal Kitab to decrease the impacts of planets in specific houses accessible are in charge of prosecution in court. Baglamukhi Pooja is the astrological cure as per the Red Book; Red Book took after by top astrologers in India, for all the law– issues. Baglamukhi Pooja is additionally extremely accommodating in winning court cases.


  • Am I always remaining to be involved in court cases?
  • Will I have the capacity to get bail?
  • When would my illegitimate court cases be over?
  • Will I get support from the court from my current case?
  • I am experiencing a lot of mental tension & stress. Is it liable to affect my career & personal life?


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