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Astrology Classes, Courses and Institutes in Delhi NCR

Astrology Classes

Astrology is basically a symbolic language; it is a form of art and is a method of divination about human affairs or natural phenomena from relative positions of celestial bodies.

The astrology teaching classes in Delhi include the following steps:

Step1: To learn astrology symbols. One needs to classify various zodiac signs and interpreting them.

Step2: learn planets in astrology and learn planet houses. Another important part of astrology teaching classes is the geometric angles that planets make to each other called Planetary Aspects.

Step3: Make a birth chart and put them all together.

Vedic astrology classes in Delhi include all the above steps and provide you with the best faculty that take your timely exams to test your performance.

Now you may think why we need to learn astrology, I have a simple theory for this. The theory proceeds as follows:

All of us know that Moon influence the tides. Nobody denies this, right?  The position of the Moon with respect to Earth changes the behaviour of water in the oceans. It has science behind this, the Moon influences the water on Earth because of Gravitational force and magnetism. These are two strong forces that rule our universe. Everything in this universe is held together because of these forces. The solar system exists due to these forces; these forces between planets and the Sun are in fine tune interaction. And we all know that the body is composed of water. So will not it be logical that Moon's position will have an effect on our whole body as well? Also, we know that there is no clear division between our body and our mind so it won’t be illogical to assume that the Moon influences directly our thought and behaviours.

It's definitely something to think about. Thus, it is very logical to think that the position of each planet and the sun in relation to the Earth will have an influence on every spot of the Earth, and also on the individuals born in that very specific spot, born on a specific day, at that very specific time. The zodiac constellations are further away than the solar system, but they present you a direction and have their influence on you. And Studying astrology will benefit you by giving you analysis of your Horoscope making possible for an astrologer to explain your personality traits and predict your Present and future for the next 25 years of your life. By learning astrology one can Foresee his future and making prediction helps in the following ways:

1.    It helps to gain confidence, and one can be definitely more cheerful and optimistic towards life.

2.    Provides solutions to problems, thus can unravel problems as soon as possible

3.     Helps with the career counselling, make career choice according to your zodiac and personality trait.

4.    Can bring back the love, brings peace and harmony in life.

5.    Tells the pros and cons if one has to start something new.

6.    Help in decision making and advice as an expert.

To know more, connect to our website Vedicastroyug.com or Vedic AstroYug where you can connect to our Astrologer Sachin Lohiya.

Jyotish Acharya Dr.Sachin Lohia is a well-known Astrologer, Palmist and Numerologist who has a deep knowledge about Astrology. He is a very good orator as well as teacher and offers various Astrology courses to people who are interested in this field. This course is a famous weekend course especially for the residents of Delhi & NCR.

Many people who have learnt Horoscope Astrology from Acharya Sachin Lohia (Astrology Trainer in New Delhi India) became Astrology Professional and they do Horoscope Reading, Birth Chart Reading or Natal Chart Reading successfully. Many of them have also started practicing Indian Astrology successfully in their areas as a professional. In this time when unemployment is quite high in India & many people become jobless due to sudden phase of recession in corporate world, at such time a Vedic astrology education can help an unemployed person in earning his bread. Even an employed person can practice Indian Astrology on a part-time basis & can earn something extra besides his regular income, which will help him in this time of inflation. The profession of Horoscope Astrology is a respectable profession, if a person practices it with honesty. It involves welfare of the mankind. One can also do it on a hobby basis.

Regular Vedic Astrology Courses are of two types: - (i) Slow Track Vedic Astrology Course & (ii) Fast Track Vedic Astrology Course.

(i) Slow Track Vedic Astrology Course is of 3 months/6 months/12 months duration in which lectures are delivered on a weekly basis & one lecture is of 2-3 hrs duration. Students who are residents of Delhi, India or NCR (Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon & Faridabad) can opt for this course.

(ii) Fast Track Vedic Astrology Course is also offered for students if someone wishes to complete the Predictive Astrology Course fastly at Sachin Lohia Vedic Astrology Institution in Delhi India. In this Course, a student is delivered one lecture daily or one lecture every 2 or 3 days. One lecture is of two hours duration. Online astrology classes also conducted by our Faculty of Navgraha Astro World.
Regular Mock tests are also conducted to measure strengths & weaknesses of the students & a Certificate or Diploma is also awarded to the students after the successful completion of the course.
 We provide well equipped classrooms for the students and they are trained here on how to establish themselves as a professional astrologer, code of conduct for an astrologer, how to deal with clients, how to gather birth details & how to adopt a Scientific approach while practicing Astrology. A certificate is also provided to students after the successful completion of
the course.

Our courses are designed with a practical approach to the subject which helps the students practice professionally soon after they complete the course.  
1. Vastu                                            
2. Numerology    
3. Palmistry                                                
4. Lalkitab                                                
5. Nadi Astrology                                            
6. Jaimini Astrology                                        
7. KP Astrology    
8. Chewai Dosha                                        
9. Mundane Astrology                                        
10. Prasahna(horary) Astrology                                                                  
11. Vimsottari Dasha and other 20 dasas
12. Transit of planet  
13. Ashtakvarg Analysis     
14. How to Judge/Interpret Horoscope            
15. Tips For Quick analysis of a Horoscope                          
16. How to study Divisional chart Navmasa, Dasmasa
17. Timing/Delay of marriage
18. Marital Problems     
19. Sani Sadhe Sati   
20. Mangal Dosha
21. Horoscope Matchmaking        
22. Rectification of Birth Time.
23. Jyotish Remedies  
24. Timing Of event
25. Career /Profession
 26. Health Problems    
27. Progeny Problems   
28. Education  
29. Business/Service
30. Foreign travel
31. Finance
32. Litigation
33. Introduction to Charts       
34. Signification of Houses
35. Signification of Planets
36. Signification of Signs



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