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Lifetime Predication Reports

Lifetime Predication Reports

Life Time Predictions

With the assistance of Lifetime Astrology Report you can have a hold on your future occasions and plan your life better utilizing the point by point rules and help given in this report. This report covers every features of your life viz. Kin, Education, Health, Marriage, Love, Career, Business, Foreign Tour, Litigation, Sale & Purchase.

We will observe your birth chart and few other points of interest to us and we will analyze it. A period traverse for the expectations will be given in the report from Dasha-Bhukti time period forecasts. Lifetime forecasts will be furnished with basic successful cures which will cover Gemstone, Puja or Yantra as suggested. This would be covered in Lifetime Report:

Health: How would be your health in coming years? Is there any possibility of some unfavorable period coming the level that your health might be affected and cures for the same.

Career: Your Career and Financial quality will be observed and a long haul money related parts of your life will be defined about and healing measures will be proposed.

Love & Marriage: Perfect time period from Dasha-Bhukti expectations will be given in which you'd be holding the best possible chances of getting married. Great and dreadful parts of marital life will be reported. Chances of separation or divorce in the chart will be specified and cures for a cheerful marital life will also be given in the report.

Education: It explains how the planetary position is demonstrating about your achievement in education field and your future prospects in advanced education. Best suggestions will be given if there are a few obstacles in advanced education.

Sale & Purchase: Whether your horoscope highlights buy of property or vehicle? It shows about the time traverse of purchase or sale of any property or vehicle will be described as per the dasha-bhukti assessment.

Legal Case: In case that you may face any matter in court then the time traverse will be specified and how to weaken the negative impacts will be given by method for cures.

Foreign Trip: Foreign travelling if it is in your birth-chart will be specified about whether it is sure or not.

 Gem Stone: In this area the most appropriate gemstone will be suggested along with the date and time to be worn with said prescription.

Kaal Sarpa Dosha: Kaal Sarpa Dosha can violently influence your general development in life. Your chart will be profoundly scrutinized and you will be told whether you have a Kaal Sarpa Dosha or not along with cures. 


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