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Yantra is a perfect pragmatic articulation of heavenly nature as geometrical or pictorial diagram in type of lines and circles in the portrayal of individual as every line speaks to the body parts of Goddess. Yantras are religious and incomparable pictures of Goddess if individuals could see them and are much more awesome then representations of God and Goddess. Moreover, a man interfaces all the more strongly with symbols and pictures of God. In Hindu religion, we are blessed with Yantras for practically every God we worship.

Vedic astrology has given tremendous significance to Yantra as an astrological cure. Vedic astrology prescribes Yantra as a cure to week planets in a horoscope. Yantras are likewise used to improve the benefic effects of yoga-karaka or beneficiary planets. They are thought to be the unique embodiment of divinity too conveying divine embodiment to present all the heavenly favors of Gods and planets to people and to take them nearer to celestial souls through the way of Yantras and to make it peaceful for human beings. These holy charts concede all of us the positive reflection from the paradise and vanish all the aggression found around thus to bring all the harmony and peace at home and organization.

Yantras are usually to bring success and achievement through the way of success in expert way thus on it spreads the peace and bliss at home. It gives the power and expert to one and makes him high with admiration and compliments. Other than this, it decreases the malefic impacts of planets.

Yantras are of four kind, Spiritual Yantras speaking to perfect expressions and statures of godly souls, astrological Yantras containing the 9 planets and their Lords which in the expressions of astrologers supporting in diminishing the malefic impacts of planets, Yantras having a considerable measure of non-essential in the development of holy places and statistical Yantras. Likewise there are Yantras for planets which are additionally seen to be the same for Goddess having a few relations in the middle of or articulating the connection amongst religious and astrological angles.


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